Wimar Jartika Witoelar

The youngest of the the five is Wimar Jartika (1945). After studying at ITB and George Washington University, he began his career as a lecturer. He then became a management consultant and started a talk show called Perspektif. After years in the communications business, he is now the Spokesperson to the President of Indonesia.
His wife Suvatchara Leeaphon (1945) was born in Thailand. Being a graduate of Chulalongkorn University's medical department, she works in a government hospital in Jakarta as a doctor. Their two sons, Satya Tulaka (1975) and Aree Widya (1978) attended college in Bandung. Now Satya is an architect and web designer living in Jakarta and Aree is studying Engineering Physics at ITB, living alone in a house in Rancabulan owned by the big family Witoelar.


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