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Satya Witoelar

32 / Male / Jakarta

Born in Bandung, grew up in Jakarta, graduated and started career in architecture, working as freelance web designer in Jakarta for the last nine years, has a 10-month old daughter.

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Daily Log

Microblogging since before there were microblogs


New Indonesian economics blog #
Ekonomi dan Politik di Indonesia from Aco & Dede


Amazon redesigning #
Ok, realigning. Or remodelling. Whatever.
Branding lingo #
Table of Brand Element Terms
Added little hash marks to each micropost #
Enda suggested permalinks, of course I did it right away
Bloggers costume party? #
How would anonymous bloggers join a party? just wondering


Party time for bloggers #
Pesta Blogger press conference photos
Laptop with transparent monitor #
Vaio Zoom by Eno Setiawan


Top 5 tennis shoes according to The New York Times #
Breathe Cage is first of five speed shoes (slide show)
Sneaker bloggers interviewed #
Format Magazine presents Sneaker Blogs


Symbol of digital imaging: a thought bubble? #
Photoshop gets a new logo (via Frederik)
Google's #
Shared Stuff (via Google System)


DNA, eco, descending dots, flora, Escher lines #
Logo Trends 2007


$50,000 domain for NBA team #
Charlotte buys for $50,000
Google Reader graduates out of Labs #
Breaking up isn't hard to do
Bali, let me Upgrade U for 2009 #
Season-ending tournament for the next Top 8 players
No more Aston Martin for Bond #
Jaguar for new movie, Bentley in new novel


My favorite Facebook app is ... #
Choose one of these Facebook requests
Budget airline crashes in Phuket #
Plane crash in Thailand kills more than 80
Davenport's successful comeback #
New mom Davenport returns and wins in Bali


Warning! Quechup is like Fupei: a friend spammer #
Just ask Scoble, MacManus, DS, Mashable, or Ivan


No 2 social network in Indonesia gets stronger #
Multiply gets funding
It's a bit harder to rip off customers nowadays #
Thanks to social media, Jobs more apologetic


Rafa upset by Ferrer, out of U.S. Open #
Nadal beaten by his friend, prefers no excuses
New player in CDMA field #
Eka Tjipta's Smart challenges Bakrie's Esia
Best sport #
25 reasons tennis is better than college football


Pondok Indah Mall busway station? Nice #
Against Sutiyoso-Fauzi Bowo corruption, not against busway
Web forms that are engaging and make sense #
Getting A Form's Structure Right
Federer goes all-black for U.S. Open #
Fed's all black tuxedo look with satin stripes and matching bag