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32 / Male / Jakarta

Born in Bandung, grew up in Jakarta, graduated and started career in architecture, working as freelance web designer in Jakarta for the last nine years, has a 10-month old daughter.

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Microblogging since before there were microblogs


Good day for bloggers and free speech #
Apple pays $700,000 for bloggers' legal fees (via Scoble)


Awards won by top movies so far #
Who's Won What Leading Up to the Oscars
Top 4: Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson #
Sony Ericsson beats LG in handset shipment


How geeks follow the trends #
7 Ways to Track Internet’s Trends and Popular News
Americans against Iraq war #
Crowds march to demand pullout from Iraq (photos)


Nash, Dirk, Iverson, Vince, Kidd, Howard, not starters #
NBA All-Star Starters announced. Now who'll be the reserves?


How to make the best title tag for search engines #
Best Practices for Title Tags
Most influential people on the Internet #
The Web Celeb 25 by Forbes


So the school didn't teach students to kill? Really? #
Sorry Fox News, CNN knows your facts are fake


Most powerful storm for years in Europe #
25 dead as storm hits Europe


Two year olds are downloaders #
Attack Of The Tech-Savvy Toddlers
Go Dems! #
Obama launches 2008 White House bid


Behave yourselves or they'll send you to Cronulla #
Croatian vs Serbian fans at Autralian Open


New elements: article, nav, section, header, footer #
Interesting new elements in HTML5 (via Johansson)


iPhone, FREE with 2-year contract #
Now that will grab, but we don't know
Beckham traded to compete with Britney and Paris #
Beckhams to play for L.A. and its Hollywood scene


Britney and Paris tied at number one #
Mr. Blackwell's Worst Dressed List
Five bad things about the new Apple iPhone #
But do you know US is bombing Somalia for Islamic extremists
Blog reader community sold #
Yahoo buys MyBlogLog


Introducing Apple Phone and Apple TiVo #
Set your expectations high for tomorrow's launch


About useless judges, arrogant stars, songwriting, etc #
Behind-the-scenes details on the upcoming American Idol


The Whopper will be back #
Burger King to open in Indonesia


Nash, Kidd, Iverson, Nowitzki, should be starters #
They're not in the third returns. Vote now for All-Stars.
How to beat Detikcom #
A better design for Okezone
Good things happen when you do good #
Subway Superman


I don't really 'read' 1000 posts each day, I just scan #
31,103 items in 30 days. What does your Reader Trend say?
Gays visit Friendster 3 times more than straights #
But MySpace has the most gay visitors


Beyond SEO #
Acknowledge SMO


People trust recommendations from group they joined #
Web users driving change in 2007
Double standards in tech brands #
Bash Dell not Apple, bash Microsoft not Nokia, not Google
Hard to find the right person #
Hiring the Best of the Best (thanks, Dondy)


Top movies worldwide 2006 #
2006 worldwide box office grosses
Annoying words banned #
2007 List of Banished Words (via Yahoo News)