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Satya Witoelar

32 / Male / Jakarta

Born in Bandung, grew up in Jakarta, graduated and started career in architecture, working as freelance web designer in Jakarta for the last nine years, has a 10-month old daughter.

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John Howard, up yours! #
Elton John has a message
Mini Touareg #
VW Tiguan compact SUV


Final product of XX2 better than samples #
Air Jordan XXII pictures
Upcoming tennis shoes #
Nike 2007 spring collection
Nearly half of those online in Asia have a blog #
Blogging Phenomenon Sweeps Asia


Italian version of an American classic #
Mustang by Giugiaro
Yes, it's a civil war in Iraq #
According to NBC and Annan, not White House


Coincidence, I just unsubscribed from Digg feed #
New posts on Digg look like junk, too much crap
Motor kurang ajar? Apalagi yang ini #
Pengendara sepeda motor tembak sopir angkot


Drive recklessly, I'll shoot you 50 rounds #
NYPD kill groom near strip club
Games are for old people #
Average gamer is up from 29 y.o. to 33 y.o.
Preview the new home page #
Next version of home page
Fold your laptop one more time #
Fujitsu folding laptop
Gotcha, pak guru #
Video of shouting teacher posted on YouTube


Repair your Cyber-shot #
Sony finds defect in Cyber-shot digicams
What's the word on the street #
What We Talk About When We Talk About Brands
Bubu help promote Microsoft product #
Microsoft look for designers, Bubu welcomes Expression.


Microsoft geeks go mad #
No ASP hosting, Microsoft bloggers angry at Bubu


Small clients are more difficult? Not in my case #
Enlightening difficult clients
What's she like, Tina? #
Tina Fey: Paris Hilton Is A Piece of Shit


Snow in Indonesia #
Mentos: Snowman
OG rap for old and new fans #
Snoop's The Blue Carpet Treatment
Top 10 reasons why Zune is better than iPod #
How to write great headlines and fool fanboys
The universal instant messenger is back #
Trillian Astra sneak preview (flash)
No Dubya love #
Americans prefer Bush Sr., no respect for son


Kramer lost temper #
Michael Richards Apologizes for Racist Slurs
Another teacher, this time not child sex charge #
Woman arrested for drug possession in Bali
Hotter than ever #
Just ask Lila and Rizka
What's up in Jakarta? #
Jakarta Kota Gue from Bowo and friends
They may not click, but they'll visit #
61% visit banner advertiser's site later
Share private photos to non members #
Finally Flickr grants the 2nd most requested feature of all time


Nice gift for smokers #
Screaming ashtray
Language teacher paid teenage boys for sex #
Child sex case in Indonesia
What a nice quiet place, where is everybody? #
Bush at the palace, meanwhile bloodbath continues
Seven concerts around US in one day #
Jigga Man cross country


Best rank #
Indonesian blogs with PageRank 6+
Too many 2.0 brands, Yahoo needs to refocus #
Yahoo internal memo
YouTube accuses others of copyright infringement? #
YouTube threatens Techcrunch


Stampede! #
PS3 in Connecticut
Marijuana, prostitution, euthanasia, face veil #
Campaign promise: One of these things doesn't belong


No Q? Bond can get his gadgets from the store #
Gadgets for 007 in James Bond Begins
Chef Sanders #
New KFC Logo


Stars of the blogosphere #
Are You an A-List Bloglebrity?
This time for the consumer market #
Lenovo Y series


Popular fonts #
Great Fonts for Web 2.0
Companies bought by G-Y-M #
Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Acquisitions Timeline
Time for haters to hate on Yao and Vince #
NBA All-Star 2007 balloting begins. Vote now!


Gray hat SEO #
Search engine optimization from black to white


Stylish Digg #
Hypediss made in Berlin
Can you beat Indra? Just wondering #
Most common name among FS members in Indonesia?


Stupid bomber only injured himself #
Bomb explodes at A&W Jakarta


Watch out for these kidz #
Holla back at phrostypoison and giffari
NBA three times a week #
All season on Jak-TV and just started on ESPNSTAR
Mention other products as frame of reference #
How to Get in TechCrunch


Want what she's wearing? # visual image search (via Techcrunch)


Indonesia's most prestigious web competition #
Bubu Awards V.05 Join Now!


Keepin' it real fake all the time #
Borat stays in character


And the Word of the Year is... #
According to Webster's New World College Dictionary


It's here with more zoom and double stabilization #
Olympus mju 750, an update to mju 700


Best NBA predictions #
Five Predictions for the Season
Mamba casa #
KB24 (via YAYsports!)
Read it yourself #
TL;DR (via Anil)


Jigga's tracks leaked #
Jay-Z's First Three Tracks Off Kingdom Come