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32 / Male / Jakarta

Born in Bandung, grew up in Jakarta, graduated and started career in architecture, working as freelance web designer in Jakarta for the last nine years, has a 10-month old daughter.

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Pain, tenderness, swelling, redness, warmness... in only one leg #
Symptoms of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)


Aree and Cinthya #
Photos from their wedding ceremony and wedding reception


The risk of submitting creative while pitching on a project #
Jatis used Digitalgrafis' design without hiring them


Hotel with a function hall #
Hotel Bumi Karsa


Dad wiki #
Who made this Wimar page, it's short and correct
Man's best friends need home #
Adopt a dog from Pondok Pengayom Satwa


Bring your reader on the road #
Google Reader goes mobile, now I can leave My Yahoo Mobile


Top tennis racquet lines #
Prince O3 and Wilson nCode


Slight improvements #
Flickr Gamma
US dollar hits 9000 rupiah again #
Rupiah weakens significantly


About hip-hop's most treasured fashion item #
Just For Kicks
The other (cool) way to search #
Liking the new UI patterns #
New Yahoo! home page
Fly around Mount Merapi #
See Mount Merapi (from Google Earth Blog)
Tracking Merapi #
Jaringan Informasi Lingkar Merapi (via Enda)
Congrats, MM #
Martin is Fatih's blogger of the week
Shaggy goat clouds #
Wedhus Gembel


Cool new Sony PDA #
Sony Vaio ultra portable
Same ol' people #
Go make something that's used by more than 53651 people


Settings > General > My picture #
Upload your Gmail picture
Other voices from the chinese maid in Housewives #
Gwendoline Yeo's voice-over samples


Gile Beneer #
Esia + Nokia 1255 = Rp. 800.000,-


Kicks heaven #
Welcome to Sneaker Street, Hongkong (from The Hundreds)


Non profit, lighter, faster, safer, right? #
Firefox Myths
Is everyone else interested in your favorite topics? #
Google Trends


From cocaine to coolpix #
Kate Moss in Nikon Coolpix commercial
Oh no #
Dollar slides, Rupiah at two year high
Interesting camera store near the office #
Toko Camzone (via CL)
Microsoft, how do we test in both IE6 and IE7? #
Open letter to the IE team (via Roger Johansson)


This time we get more than 3 playoff game a week #
Three NBA games from ESPN & STAR, plus few more from Jak-TV
Got bigger fish to fry #
Raja Bell gets last shot, happy Kobe talk is over


How to design cars #
Car design tutorials at Designer Techniques
Integrated keyboard and mouse #
How well does Google translate? #
Try the Translator Boomerang
Microsoft's take on Froogle and Google Analytics #
Windows Live Products and DeepMetrix


Favorite places of your favorite celebrities #
Being rude can be highly lucrative #
Simon Cowell wins $36m a year
Best coach in mind games and trash talking #
Phil Jackson got Raja Bell exactly where he wanted


From the producer of the The Office #
The IT Crowd season 1 torrent
Okay so I don't live in the high-res part of the city #
See my blurry house through Google Earth
Sponsoring the World Cup is expensive, so why not try other means #
Can't tell the sponsors without a scorecard
Amazon dumps Google for Microsoft #
Amazon, A9, Alexa dropping Google engine for Windows Live
More buzz on the Microsoft-Yahoo plan #
WSJ: A Microsoft, Yahoo Tie-Up?
Remove a search engine from Firefox #
Use SearchPluginHacks to uninstall Firefox search plugin
MSN Search more relevant than Google #
Don't be mad, that's according to Intralink's report


Wanna be like Kobe #
Kwame investigated for sexual assault
Mix and match HTML and CSS #
CSS Love Child
Playoffs starting to get interesting #
Game 5s raise intensity level of playoffs


Search Google Earth and win Mazda's new SUV #
MAZDA CX-7 EarthSearch Sweepstakes
Seven days in a round water tank #
David Blaine drowned alive
No Star World, Star Movies, Star Sports and ESPN #
Indovision missing some channels
Dubya and Dubya #
Bush impersonator at White House press dinner transcript and video


Upload away! #
Finally a Flickr Pro, thanks to FW