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32 / Male / Jakarta

Born in Bandung, grew up in Jakarta, graduated and started career in architecture, working as freelance web designer in Jakarta for the last nine years, has a 10-month old daughter.

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Pronounced "we" #
Nintendo Wii, fans hate new name
Upload your house (or download Taj Mahal) #
Google 3D Warehouse for Sketchup
Don't rely on C.S.I. #
5 Things CSI Doesn't Tell You About Forensics
Delicious banners # online advertising archive
Keyboard shorcuts, full screen view, etc #
Google Calendar tips
R.I.P. #
Pramoedya Ananta Toer


Important car accessory #
Many ways to use your Honda dog mat
Download 3D components #
Form Fonts 3D


Poetic judges #
Poetry of Paula Abdul dan Randy Jackson
Old CSS hacking methods will fail in IE7 #
Stop Hacking, or be Stopped
Free version of SketchUp, the 3D modeling program #
Google SketchUp


No more Kellie #
Kellie Pickler Picked For Elimination
Repeat MVP #
Nash to be MVP again


KB24 #
Kobe will change his jersey number
Here's your blog stats #
Your traffic
Love=hate #
Love-Hate T-Shirt
Pimp your browser #
Add-Ons for most of you, Addons for some of you


Naughty naughty boy #
12-year-old boy charged for killing mom and lil bro
Toshiba World Cup edition #
Tech Ticker: Dynabook TX/870LSFIFA
Air Blackberry #
Air Jordan XX laser-etched Blackberry
Wireless-N: 4x the range and up to 12x faster than Wireless-G #
According to Linksys who just released 802.11n products
Anita Roddick vs JP journalist #
Doing good is suspicious (via Lila, via Enda)


Social networking through tags #
Loser in blogging #
Top Ten Reasons To Give Up Blogging


Iraqi actor can't get visa to attend US premier of his own movie #
9/11 film actor denied US visa


Hundreds of Macs crammed in one place #
Photos of Microsoft's Mac Lab
Spotted 3 mini MPV imports in one road #
Toyota Spacio, Mercedes B-Class, Honda Edix
The History of Flight 1984-2006 #
Air Jordan at Dime Magazine
The complete food guide #
Best restaurant review sites in Indonesia
Top spammer: Asia #
CNET: Asia is public enemy No. 1 for spam


The next MySpace #
AOL rumored to challenge MySpace
Playoffs! #
See the bracket, rank them, guess who'll win round one


Another cool three-door crossover #
Opel Antara aka Saturn PreVue
Most of them still take too long, i'll just watch a sitcom #
Top 50 book to movie adaptations
So who's da man? #
Dirk for MVP! Nash for MVP! Kobe for MVP! LeBron for MVP!


I repeat, get your domain out of Netsol if you're Indonesian #
They're a fine service but they refuse Indonesian addresses


New blog for an upcoming project #
Lahap Blog


Photo op #
Cinere (family only)


Drag and drop, Gmail integration, import from Yahoo, lots more #
Let's move to Google Calendar
Monika copycat # copycat of Monika Tanu


Collaborate on a list with my bro in Groningen #
Using Writeboard
Aroy... #
Lunch with Yasmina at Jittlada


This town is big #


Yay! Now I can tidy up my reader labels #
Google Reader Labels: Better, stronger, faster
Review about Web 2.0 sites #


Sneaker expo this Sunday #
Sneaker Pimps goes to Jakarta, more at Footurama


Local info and social networks sites up #
New Trends In Online Traffic
Another term whine #
Death to User-Generated Content
Even Ronald licks his fingers #
KFC ads


Addictive game #
Farm Hustle by Thalia (via Yasmina)


Argh! #
Dolar turun


Different stylesheet for different screen resolutions, using JavaScript #
Preparing for Widescreen


Mini Murano #
New Nissan SUV
Most popular domain name length is 11 characters long #
Dennis Forbes: Interesting facts about domain names