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Satya Witoelar

32 / Male / Jakarta

Born in Bandung, grew up in Jakarta, graduated and started career in architecture, working as freelance web designer in Jakarta for the last nine years, has a 10-month old daughter.

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Daily Log

Microblogging since before there were microblogs


Search April Fool's Day #
MSN Search Spoof and Google April Fool's Search


For traffic chart junkies #
Compare traffic of multiple sites at Alexaholic


Why Kobe wears 8, Bibby wears 10, Ginobili 20 #
NBA Behind The Numbers
Pavement art #
Chalk sidewalk drawings
Next year: Web 3.0 Awards? #
SEOmoz Web 2.0 Awards


Mash-up of celebrity sightings and Google Map #
Gawker Stalker
Where The Bloody Hell Are You? #
Hilariously (not) funny tourism spoof by Downwind.Media


Putting the 'We' in Web #
Newsweek: The New Wisdom of the Web


Guess two pictures with the same tag #
matchr the flickr puzzle game. start new puzzle!
Mentally ill dude gets killed after destroying shrine #
Man beaten to death after desecrating the Erawan Shrine
More shoe collabos with artist, designer and cartoon character #
Sneakerhead Bonanza at NY Times
Fixed positioning, alpha transparent PNGs, :hover anything #
Three new features in IE7


Lego Supercars #
Lego Enzo Ferrari
Gamers battle in a flight from Copenhagen to New York City #
TransAtlantic Showdown


New way to clear floats in IE7? #
For IE7, we may need new clearing method instead of easy clearing


Dondy 2.0 #
Dondy moves to goes WordPress like Zeldman


Stunningly predictable #
Federer: I stunned myself


Too much racist abuse coming from angry Western customers #
Indian call centre staff fed up with racist abuse


Orkut for soccer fans #
Joga from Google and Nike
Good service, if you shut up #
The user removed photos of the burnt connector, not Flickr


Celebrity gossip memeorandum #


First the spinners, now this #
Dada Code M MP3 Shoes
The ultimate geek must know both #
Web 2.0 or Star Wars Character?
Melissa out #
Idol Top 12 elimination


Enough of getting connected #
Google serious about its 3D map #
Google acquires Sketchup
Put alternative text in a div that gets replaced by Flash #
Flash SEO
Tour the Googleplex #
Google Spy Shots


Shaking up the tech world, under 30 #
BusinessWeek Young Entrepreneurs of Tech


PNG image files with grey background in IE #
PNG-24 Alpha Transparency with MSIE
EMG machine #
Dantec Keypoint


Mouth sores happen to women more often #
Canker sores and mouth sores


Gout diet limits food with high purine #
Good food and bad food for gout diet
More Office 2007 screenshots #
A New Look For Office
Use dash instead of underscore in your URL and filenames #
Dashes vs. Underscores from Google's Matt Cutts


Indonesian Digg #
Kilasan.Com design by Thomas Arie Setiawan Toss!


Back to basics with two latest books in my bookshelf #
SEO for Dummies and 2nd edition of Don't Make Me Think


The first time that the best picture is also my movie of the year #
The film that crashed the Oscars
Natalie's an OG #
Watch Natalie Portman Rap Video from SNL


From logo, three comps, and the final design #
Web design process of Ma.gnolia
The maddest playa of em all #
Top 10 Angriest Athletes


Oscar winners! (based on search) #
If Searches Were Oscar Votes


25 web startups leading the revolution #
The Next Net 25 according to Business 2.0
Excellent book on ideas to build a successful web applications #
Getting Real from 37signals
Brenna Out! #
Eliminated along with Heather, Sway, David


Autocad for Architects #
Arhcitectural Desktop 2006 got it for less than $4,695