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32 / Male / Jakarta

Born in Bandung, grew up in Jakarta, graduated and started career in architecture, working as freelance web designer in Jakarta for the last nine years, has a 10-month old daughter.

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Microblogging since before there were microblogs


Looking for drivers for an old PC #
Drivers for P4VP-MX and other ASUS downloads


Creative hybrid web applications that use Flickr #
Ten Best Flickr Mashups and 10 Flickr Hacks for PR


VW's crossover between coupe and compact SUV #
Volkswagen Concept A design and photos unveiled
Surprise, Becky O'Donohue Out #
American Idol Elimination Shocker


Today's favorite: Elliott Yamin and Taylor Hicks #
American Idol Top 12 Boys
Bid starts at $425,000 for 21 pairs of Air Jordan #
Autographed Air Jordan I-XXI for Katrina relief


Today's favorite: Paris Bennett and Lisa Tucker #
American Idol Top 12 Girls


White, light, inexpensive notebook #
B2815 from Compaq Presario B2800 Series


Little break from gangsta rap, listen to some lady singers #
Finally Woken, Eye to the Telescope, Comfort of Strangers
McGrady could've been MVP #
Sorry T-Mac. East won, so All Star MVP goes to Lebron


Iguodala could've won #
AI2 had the best dunk, but Nate over Spud won judges


Craziest driver so far #
Another Tuk tuk experience


Let your game speak #
AJ XXI commercial


Finally I got mine and I can rest my Gtalk #
Chat in Gmail


It's a brand name for Colchicine #


A Cabinet position as inspector of saunas #
Conan Seeks Reward for Halonen's Win


Fumbling amateurs more interesting #
Idol rules TV, crush Grammy
Four Pistons Named as Reserves #
2006 NBA All-Star Game Reserves


Zen Master is Cuban's bucket boy #
I Own Phil Jackson
Hollywood hellweek: the fight for airtime #
Get subjective on Kellie Pickler and Brittenum Jerks
Check out Engadget's picks #
Best gadgets of last year in 2005 Engadget Awards
MJ rather get fouled out than let someone score 81 on him #
Jordan shares thoughts on Kobe
Hate me but buy my shoes #
Kobe back in TV ads with "Love me or hate me" theme


Ever seen a golden-mantled tree kangaroo? #
Lost World found in Indonesia


What Jyllands-Posten think are offensive and provocative #
Danish paper rejected Jesus cartoons


WorldCarFans redesigned #
WCF has RSS now. Check out Urban Cruiser and Altica.


Lebanon also can't stop protesters #
Danish embassy in Beirut torched
These protesters are for real, not like the ones we have #
Danish embassy in Syria on fire burned torched ablaze
Forget the technology for a while, it's the look! #
Web 2.0 Design (via SEOmoz)
But I don't spend time to study them like Molly #
Blog comment spam are increasing, good thing we always screen them
Respect and tolerance is so yesterday. Now free speech rules! #
Would you intentionally mock your sensitive friend because you can?
Kerr's vote for All Star game reserves #
Magnificent sevens


Microsoft's own design softwares #
Microsoft Expression and its designers blog (thanks Dondy)
Google plans to expand text ads #
AdWords' next step


Yao tops votes, Nash starts for the first time #
2006 NBA All-Star Game starters announced
Danish cartoonists says Muhammad teaches terrorism #
Here are the cartoons that caused rage around the world
Open source, secret security flaws #
Firefox 1.5 patches undisclosed security holes
Xtine rocks! #
Christine reviews PB interview, now check her writings (via CL)


Make sure Google Reader can autodiscover your RSS Feed #
How to add your feed to the search results for Google Reader
Why who helped the army there in the first place #
Australia tried to delay East Timor independence
Australian cricket fans too racist for South Africans #
Fatih pointed out racism in cricket. SA may boycott, security on high


Google's new design spotted #
Google may get makeover, here's a screenshot by Matthew
To join, you just need a doctoral degree in human biomechanics #
Interview with Nike Lab director Dr. Lafortune
Terrence Howard nominated #
Hollywood welcomes fresh faces to Oscar show