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Satya Witoelar

32 / Male / Jakarta

Born in Bandung, grew up in Jakarta, graduated and started career in architecture, working as freelance web designer in Jakarta for the last nine years, has a 10-month old daughter.

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Microblogging since before there were microblogs


Browse through all past Jordans and peek at Jordan XXI # updated


Homicide in the basement #
Man's Body Found in Room at the Indonesian Consulate
Label your HTML and CSS to avoid friction with coworkers #
Managing HTML and CSS to Avoid Disaster


Billmonk, Standpoint, Licketyship, Skobee #
Interesting new Web 2.0 projects at E27


Vince says team concept first #
Carter warns kids: Don't be like Kobe
Best color of the Air Max 360 #
Better pics of the Evolution Pack at Hypebeast


Super tan girl says reality isn't reality #
How Real Are The American Idol 5 Auditions?
Every word we post, we're writing our own obituaries #
How our sites are used when we die


Most popular news #
Yahoo had them, now it's Google (via Blogoscoped)
Air Max 360 in Indonesia #
Special report and photos at Footurama (via Kicksaholic)


TV commercial plagiarism may be a good strategy #
Apple's deliberate rip-offs attract attention


Selfish, Social, Selfless #
Three types of user-created content websites
American Idol Super Tan Girl #
Crystal Parizanski showed up twice
People judge your web design in 1/20 second #
Internet users judge Web sites in less than a blink


Forget the jargons and label, these stuff are going mainstream #
Popular elements of a 2006 web site
What are you reading or watching right now? #
All Consuming from the makers of 43things


The lift won't get stuck, it'll just fall #
Maglev Elevators
BMW's crossover for 2008 #
BMW X Sport


Web 4.0 #
Don't know what that means, just trying to be hip
6 new Air Max packs. That's 56 colorways. #
Freshness: 3 Decades of Cushioning story and gallery

16.1.06 or Stick to one #
URL canonicalization to pick the better URL for Google


The real competition is off the basketball court #
NBA stars battle to be sneaker king
Huarache cross trainer back after 14 years #
Air Trainer Huarache 2K6 grey/yellow and white/blue
Update your logo like Apple and Microsoft back in the days #
Fizbang: How to Improve Your Logo
Reason to follow season 5 #
American Idol: 10 reasons to watch again
Of course they won't let you get near Steve #
Steve Jobs and his 30-Man Posse
Nominate your gadget of the year #
The 2005 Engadget Awards


The road to forty #
Super Bowl XL
Claiming tax refund never been this easy #
Thailand VAT refund for tourists


Best in category of compact ultrazoom swivel digicam #
Nikon Coolpix S4 made in Indonesia, bought in Thailand
Environment friendly shoes #
Nike Mowabb II Considered combines sport, innovation and the environment
Less is more for shoes #
Puma Starck are based not on showing off, but on showing less
Over 30,000 creatures and 400 species #
Siam Ocean World is the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia


Two new web design inspiration books from Europe #
Web Design Index by Content and Web Design: Portfolios


Massage your ego by finding links to your blog #
Data in a shoe #
Air Max 360 USB (via Hypebeast)
Blogs: worst overhyping of a marketing trend #
Best & Worst Marketing Ideas of 2005 (via Jaffe)


The whole sole is air #
Nike Air Max 360 Wallpapers via Hypebeast
Sony T9 and Nikon S4 among last month's tops #
CNET Asia Top 10 cameras of December
Look back at web standards links to read #
Max Design links for light reading
According to the inventors, it's "JIF" #
How to pronounce GIF (from CNET)
1440 x 960 pixels in 2.4" screen #


The great Singapore sale must not be terrorized #
Singapore held mock terror raids as exercise
Customized cars for Wyclef, Shaw, Dwayne, Fergie, etc #
Celebrity Rides
Self expression more attractive than good design #
MySpace: Design Anarchy
From the sea to the sky, blue is back #
Pantone fashion color for Spring 2006
Horizontal list menu with sliding indicator #
Focus Slide Navigation


Cars for age of individual style #
FJ Cruiser, Suzuki Blizzard, etc at the LA Auto Show
Decade of digital lifestyle, all devices will work together #
Live coverage of Bill Gates CES keynote
In this new world, the audience and sources are publishers #
Journalists be careful, web changes news gathering
Buy if you like (one of) Lebron's image #
Lebron hams it up in Nike's baffling new ads


Wanna be SEO rock star? Suck up to the right people #
5 Tips to Make it in the SEO Community
Resistance against cruel factory farms #
Moopheus takes you inside The Meatrix


Kiddy cruiser #
Edmunds' FJ Cruiser test and photos


Season 3 started in November #
Little Britain Season 3 torrents
Real time translation #
Appreciating English writing in Indonesian blogosphere #
Perspektif among Jakartass blog awards 2005