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32 / Male / Jakarta

Born in Bandung, grew up in Jakarta, graduated and started career in architecture, working as freelance web designer in Jakarta for the last nine years, has a 10-month old daughter.

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Split articles are annoying #
10 Web Trends That Should Die in 2006
They don't look like people from Sumatra #
It was easier to use black actors than to search Indonesian actors
Beta is the new under construction #
Difference between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0


How technology impacted culture this year #
Tech Transformations of 2005


News sites most linked to from blogs: Yahoo, BBC, NYT #
BlogPulse 2005 Top Media Sources


New pics of the FJ retro #
Toyota 2007 FJ Cruiser extravaganza
Nikon's latest swivel digicam, with 10x zoom! #
Nikon Coolpix S4 Review


Overflowing LCD #
Review of Olympus SP-700 with 3" LCD


Detect wireless hotspots without booting your computer #
Targus WiFi Scout
Talk to my face, you b**** n**** #
Fiddy vs Smurf, Lil Flip vs TI, Nelly vs Chingy in QD3's Beef III


A white singlet #
What's a wifebeater
Comfortable and durable, but heavy #
Kicksology Nike Zoom Lebron III Review
Great blog, not just because my cousin writes there #
Cafe Salemba, sophisticated English-language Indonesian blog
Bree goes where? Why's Lynette mad? Gabby did what? #
Desperate Housewives spoilers


Notebook like a flipchart #
Lenovo Yoga laptop


Best NBA Blog of 2005 #
2005 Sports Blog Awards - NBA
Curious about what people were curious about this year #
Google Zeitgeist 2005
Reality advertising #
WSJ: Ads that used real people or looked like home videos
Hard drives competing against flash storage #
Seagate buys Maxtor = Great Move


Hey, go steal your CMS from somewhere else #
New Aqua website uses CMS exactly like Spasi's
Ebert's number one is my number one #
But I haven't seen the other 9 of Ebert's Best 10 Movies of 2005


Spacious new mall, with fancy cars sprinkled here and there #
Siam Paragon in Bangkok
Official product site, in the style of spy shots #
Volvo C30 concept car comes to live


Amazing! Tens of kilometers of elevated road #
Elevated highway all the way from Bangkok to Chonburi


Sure 8 megapixels, but touchscreen LCD? #
Sony DSC-N1 minicamera with 3x zoom and 3-inch touchscreen LCD


Get a big printer, think where to put later #
The big and affordable Canon i6500
Second hotspot #
Linksys WAP54G with Secure Easy Setup
Picking your nose is dangerous activity #
The nose area has direct blood circulation to the brain


SEO works, but be ethical #
Newsweek: Hotwiring Your Search Engine
Black or Titanium ThinkPad? #
Which side are you on?


The few that matters the most #
4 On-Page SEO and 4 Off-Page SEO are 20% that affects 80%
Does he live in a bubble? Even the gangbangers admit it's racial #
John Howard under attack over his response to the Sydney riots
It's long term racial tension, not your usual 5000 man crime #
Long-term tensions behind Sydney riots


Let's see him in movies not tabloids #
Mission Impossible III
Paris Hilton worst dog owner #
Joss Stone Named Best Celebrity Dog Owner
Unofficial feed of all major Indonesian news sources #
Johan's Syndications (thanks Lila)
Even 16 years ago non-whites in Cronulla told to "fuck off" #
Welcome to Cronulla - unless you'd fit in better at Brighton


World watches racial rampage down under #
World's media report Sydney's racial riots
Excellent use of the web #
WSJ: The Best Web 2.0 Software of 2005
Ron wants more playing time.. in New York #
Artest asks to be traded


What do you expect from an adaptation for kids #
Almost slept while watching Narnia


Nice to be in any city for the first time #
Take a becak ride around town


Beach resort within the city #
You'd never guess from the road that it's a nice hotel


Now that he's dead, they can make up more false reports about him #
Who heard nice guy claim he had a bomb, other than the Marshals who shot him
Don't run around in airplanes, unless you're a cute baby #
For US Air Marshals, killing crazy man is appropriate action
My Canon wish list: either the violet or gold #
Canon IXUS i zoom (aka SD30) pocket 5MP with zoom and auto rotate!
Geek's guide to scare off bandwidth hoggers #
How to stop filesharers from stealing hotel bandwidth


Cats watching cats watching cats watching cats #
The Infinite Cat Project
Percentage charts using CSS #
CSS for Bar Graphs


Trash exporters #
UK rubbish dumped in Indonesia (from Astrid)
Ever-changing youth culture and design scene in Bangkok #
Bangkok's revolution in creativity (thanks Enda)
I'd rather separate tags with commas #
Tag formats: spaces or commas between keywords?
Formerly Macromedia #
Adobe completes acquisition of Macromedia, offers bundles
They should at least have Yahoo Calendar's group functions #
Google Calendar expected tomorrow


Another corruption survey, not much has changed #
PERC: Singapore least corrupt, Indonesia most corrupt


Desperate for spoilers of today's new episode? #
Sneak peek for this week's Desperate Housewives
Because of help from experienced teammates, not the beard #
Pau Gasol growing and powers Grizzlies
Not one person's blog, this is a collection of viewpoints #
Perspektif Baru website will provide 500 interviews plus your own voice


Small town bookstores take me back #
The Jogja store reminds me of the Bandung branch
Gudeg Mbarek Hj. Amad #
Best gudeg in Jogja
Funky airlines pump Fat Joe and Ja Rule while boarding #
Adam Air


Suzuki/Fiat mini SUV designed by Giugiaro #
Suzuki SX4 = Fiat Sedici
Fiddy + Freddie #
Mashup of Queens and 50 Cent: Q-Unit Greatest Hits
Singapore hangs drug trafficker, Australia mourns #
Friends cry in vigils, body given back to family
What's next for the funny pharmacist #
Interview with Desperate Housewives' Roger Bart


Weird secrets #
Have you visited PostSecret lately?
Quiz combines SMS and prize money for brand awareness #
Djarum Super (via Media-Ide)
Apparently there are people following the SEA Games #
The SEA Games Scores in Search
Who's this Aeon Flux you ask #
The not-so-secret history of 'Aeon Flux'
Find out the model, color and registry date of any car in Jakarta #
SMS Metro and the license number (for example 'METRO B1234XY') to 1717