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Born in Bandung, grew up in Jakarta, graduated and started career in architecture, working as freelance web designer in Jakarta for the last nine years, has a 10-month old daughter.

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Microblogging since before there were microblogs


Faster back button, drag and drop tabs, force open in new tab #
My favorite from what's new in Firefox 1.5
New independent news site #
Warta Kita by Stucel, perhaps inspired by A List Apart
Eyelash stuck in the eye #
How often should we get objects in the eye? Everyday?
Hope it's not Jordan to the Wizards type of comeback #
Hingis to return in 2006, puts golden memories at risk


Goodbye crazy pharmacist, hello crazy nun? #
Watch George, Sister Mary, in Desperate Housewives episode 9


Just the best Italian dressing for home #
Newman's Own Family Recipe Italian Dressing
Design standards of food courts have gone up #
Mosaic tiles, recessed lightings, coloured bulbs, are musts
Preview and download almost 5000 logos # provides them in Adobe Illustrator format
Learn Thai by listening to native speakers #
Learning Thai the easy way, just click on the arrows


All the ugly songs that we know by heart #
Eighties music on Kis FM 95.1 Jakarta


Get five in a row and you're cool! #
Web 2.0 Bingo!
Show your zits?! #
Sang Jawara gak takut jerawat (via Benny)


How to make tags for your next big Web 2.0 project #
Try Gordon Luk’s Freetag, tagging module for PHP/MySQL
Prepare for Air Max 360 #
Explore the Air Max
So early in the season, so what #
Vote now for NBA All-Star 2006
Land of the free, not for bloggers #
Hoder the Iranian blogger, barred from US says goodbye to America
Hang the traffickers, support the supplier #
Singapore's hypocrisy on drug stance


Wifi at the airport for 250 baht an hour #
Get your WLAN Net wireless internet prepaid card


Chewy Japanese donuts #
Pon De Ring by Mister Donut


Pertamax down from Rp.5700 to Rp.5400 #
Pertamax prices to Decrease
Geeks must be active in the community #
Interview with Dondy Bappedyanto, this year's Microsoft MVP


20 years of Windows #
20 things you didn't know about Windows 1.0
Two Aussies with different fate #
Two drug offenders in Singapore, one going home, one to be hanged
The best career boost for models #
Muslim model Leslie back in tanktops to sell story and improve career
Introducing the new iPod... #
Fred Armisen as Steve Jobs on SNL
Blue greens, lilacs, cranberry, wine, dark browns #
Future car colors
Ajax, democracy, and not dissing users #
Yet another definition of Web 2.0 that disses others' definitions
Finally we have a new winner. Congrats, Nalbandian #
Nalbandian wins Masters Cup, ends Federer's streak


Go back to urbanism, because you can't bomb countries forever #
Prepare for change, it's The End of Suburbia (torrent)
Interesting blog on Southeast Asia, by a traveller from Frisco #


Another article on Web 2.0, this time for non-geeks as well #
Building a Better Boom by John Battelle on NYT


Hot or not, with social networking #
Riffs, your social recommender, by Jon Hicks


Sighted on the Jakarta city highway #
smart roadster-coupé


Hoping traffic offenders have some kind of shame # by Saft


Cutest flag icons ever #
Free flag icons by famfamfam
Record in Nokia, listen with Quicktime #
The .AMR extension can be opened with QuickTime and RealPlayer
What people say is more effective than ads #
Consumers 50% more likely to be influenced by word-of-mouth behavior


Try reset or reconfigure the router setting #
When the cable modem works, the LAN works, and still no internet


Best torrent client, uses less memory and nice interface #
µTorrent, only 105K and has cool indicator bars, charts, and flags
Almost as accurate as Wikipedia #
Uncyclopedia also user generated content
It's hard to stay away from the GYM #
Google + Yahoo + Microsoft = GYM


Don't work too much and forget about health #
Exercise. No excuses.


Miserable day #


At first sign of discomfort, stop Allopurinol start Colchicine #
Different medicines for prevention and treatment of gout attacks
Personal record broken! New passport in 10 minutes #
Finally offices are open after this looong holiday


Make sure there's enough time left on your passport #
To enter Thailand, your passport must not expire within 6 months


A 180 passenger jet plane for two boys #
Wide-Flying Moguls: Google Duo's New Jet Is a Boeing 767-200
Bird York's In the Deep #
Buy Crash Soundtrack (or download torrent)
77% never used, while 64% who tried gave up #
Most people give up on mobile data, like MMS, downloading, etc.


Start of wake up early and turn on the TV season #
First NBA broadcast on ESPN STAR


Mobile TV Phone #
Nokia N92
After 3 nights of broadband deprivation #
Finally my cable is working again
Time to celebrate and ask for forgiveness #
Happy Idul Fitri


Fun and not that bad for a sequel #
The Legend of Zorro


My broadband dropped, but AJAX reader saves the day #
My Yahoo too slow, switch to the superfast Google Reader