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32 / Male / Jakarta

Born in Bandung, grew up in Jakarta, graduated and started career in architecture, working as freelance web designer in Jakarta for the last nine years, has a 10-month old daughter.

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Similarities between Trump and that adman in The Apprentice #
You know the Donald.. now meet the Donny
Apparently four floors of basement parking wasn't enough #
Should've taken the red noisy Bajaj rickshaw to PIM last weekend
The politics behind it and who's getting the money #
Great blog on Indonesia today by Yosef Ardi (thanks Lila)


Most popular small bitmap font, and they're free! #
Sevenet and Silkscreen
Biggest river in the world has no water #
Amazon river running dry and out of water
Hybrid cars are nothing. Prepare for World War IV. #
Understand Peak Oil and you'll see why US is very well prepared


If you hacked for IE before, you shouldn't mind to fix it now #
Fix your CSS hacks for IE7
Keep your clients happy and your relationship healthy #
Top 10 what design clients really want


One of few Indonesian online campaigns with user participation #
Nikah Yuk! (via digital marketing journal)


From vintage 1992 Dream Team to today's preseason game #
Download NBA games at Davka BT basketball torrents
Secret 18 year old daughter #
Janet Jackson: Secret Mom


WTF is this art deco looking font? #
After uploading to WhatTheFont I found out it's called Dolmen


Coolest car show on earth #
Vote for the weirdest of the coolest cars from Tokyo Motor Show
It's a Boy Thing #
Suzuki Swift Indonesia
Self satisfaction #
Flashturbation is stupid but they still do it


Stereotyping gets you in trouble #
Crash too good for a movie. excellent story, acting, lesson.
For a video camera phone, it's cheap #
Nokia 6020 stylish phone with basic camera
Not a caucasian in Indonesia, no further appeal #
Singapore to hang Australian named Nguyen


Blackberry Thumb #
Blackberry Users Learning Painful Lesson


It's OK if your nickname is Money #
Jordan admits gambling was stupid
Salute to Hummers #


70,000 blogs born every day #
Blogosphere Growth by CEO of Technorati
Cheap, yet a show off #
Nokia 6030 low middle class phone


Classic retro and high-tech gizmo in one ride #
Holden Efijy 1950s flair for the 21st century
Redneck Cops join Neo Nazis to protest blacks #
Guaranteed chaos. Why would govt support a racial hate march.


Brilliant websites. Don't know which ones will stand. #
Business Week Best of the New Web
Blond. James Blond. #
The new James Bond must dye


That's why being on time is a very big accomplishment #
Why are people such bad estimators?


Sites as applications, user participation, openness #
Web 2.0 is about...
The Onion still the funniest #
Bush To Appoint Someone To Be In Charge Of Country


MSN and YM combined? #
Microsoft, Yahoo to Link IM Networks
But they're not white blonde girls, so who cares #
Two Australians go on trial for drug smuggling in Bali


Episode 3 ready for download #
Desperate Housewives episode 3 torrent here or here
American cops beat up drunk 64-year-old black dude #
Bloody brutality caught on tape and got them suspended


Spam (3000) #
Last year I got 6000 each month. Have your spam decreased too?
May be a better alternative to My Yahoo! #
I just personalized my home and now they have Google Reader
Most influential blogs according to Ogilvy #
Ogilvy BlogFeeds
Perspektif Online relaunched with version 7 #
Thanks Enda for mentioning Perspektif, we launched a book too.


Gauri Nanda, inventor of the walking alarm clock, among others #
Winners of the 2005 Ig Nobel Prize
Please don't align justify, especially in small columns #
Rivers of white space, caused by justified text alignment, are ugly
Top "failure" from 2 years ago still the same #
Type failure in Google and click I'm Feeling Lucky
We need blogs that don't talk about blogs, unlike mine #
Social software is cool but we're in an echo chamber
Nice and clean, but story column a little too wide? #
Salon redesigned


Still alive after more than 5 years, but watch... #
Which is the best English-language Indonesian business site?
Prepare to build websites that make more sense #
With Weblogs Inc sold at $25M, we should know what Web 2.0 is


Photos from our book launch #
Perspektif Baru at Flickr
Couldn't come to Web Essentials in Sydney #
WE05 presentations from Molly, Veen, Tantek, Bowman


Don't look for spoilers, just go watch #
Flightplan deserves to be on top
Desperate to start Season 2 #
Desperate Housewives torrent


Peek at Peter Jackson's next blockbuster #
Found Kong is King, from latest issue of Wired


Electronic, wireless, rotates, but not a gadget #
Nissan Pivo Concept
Most common fonts installed in Windows, Mac, and Unix #
See font survey results from Code Style or VisiBone
Vacation in Sunshine State, like going to heaven #
Be careful! Florida's new Shoot First Law allows residents to kill in public