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Satya Witoelar

32 / Male / Jakarta

Born in Bandung, grew up in Jakarta, graduated and started career in architecture, working as freelance web designer in Jakarta for the last nine years, has a 10-month old daughter.

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Microblogging since before there were microblogs


Get book recommendation from real people #
What Should I Read Next?
What car was in that movie? #
Internet Movie Cars Database
The first paragraph of a news story #
What does Lede mean?
Extremely small flash card with copyright protection #
SanDisk's TrustedFlash compact flash cards


Raymond's back #
Season 7 on Kabelvision
Doesn't even include a Ferrari or Bentley #
Top ten most expensive cars according to Forbes


Congrats, Rio and Yudhi. I also like Puspa's. Go Deddi! #
Mercedes-Benz Asia Fashion Awards
The difference between England, Great Britain, United Kingdom #
The Great British Venn Diagram
For this one, Charlize may look better than in Monster #
Charlize Theron to star in Aeon Flux based on the MTV cartoon
That's right, don't let your ego get in the way #
Gary Payton follows Shaq again and signs with Miami Heat
Remain safe and protected while spitting irresponsible trash #
Handbook for bloggers


Logo theft is a big deal... but not that big #
Sometimes a logo is just a logo
Book Antiqua > Georgia > Constantia > Cambria > Times #
Popular Windows web serif fonts sorted by width, from widest
Verdana > Lucida > Trebuchet > Tahoma > Arial > Corbel > Calibri #
Popular Windows web sans-serif fonts sorted by width, from widest


Microsoft Insider #
Mini-Microsoft is Microsoft's deep throat
Candies bring back memories #
Chelsea from The Food Hall


Buy football from machine now can lah.. #
Nike Football vending machine in Singapore


Include the correct Mac font substitutes in your CSS #
Common fonts to all versions of Windows & Mac equivalents
E! Channel is getting boring, but we still need gossip #
Entertainment Tonight available on JAK-TV (Kabelvision #29)
Right wings look to take back Germany #
German Bush Angela Merkel ousts Schroeder delighting USA


My favorite among current cast of SNL #
Fred Armisen, also Seth Meyers and Will Forte
Congrats, Lindsay #
Davenport wins Wismilak International title in Bali


Bought the first edition twice, time to get the new one #
Don't Make Me Think second edition includes 3 new chapters


Karmann back with a luxury SUV #
Karma a concept droptop SUV with suicide doors
How to improve Firefox #
According to an IE designer who switched to Firefox
Please stop crying... and eating #
Crying while Eating
Go Conan! Go Conan! #
Conan O'Brien vs. Bear


Reward visitors who scroll with a well-designed footer #
Powazek says Embrace your bottom!
It's getting harder not to copy #
Originality in Logo Design


It's about time the Blogger owner has its own search #
Google Blog Search
Soap opera in the Kalahari Desert #
Meerkat Manor
Luxury SUV with suicide doors #
Renault Egeus debut in Frankfurt
Full screen inspirations #
Thank you, Screenspire for including my site
Whatcha gonna do when Shaq comes for you #
Shaq help police arrest gay basher
Whatever sells #
Nano is the new Turbo
Seeking truth behind Munir's death #


Second version of Sony's top digicam #
Cybershot M2 combine still photography and movie making
Many places I want to go back again #
My 43 Places


100 dollars to fill 'er up #
Could Katrina kill the SUV?
I wonder why I always play so well #
Federer wrecks Agassi's dream and amaze himself


Three favorite cheesecake shop in Jakarta #
Cheesecake Factory (Tebet), Harvest (Senopati), Seven Grain (Mampang)
Too bad we don't get the live broadcast #
Agassi vs Federer in US Open dream final


I wasn't the winner, tennis was #
Agassi much improved wins epic classic match over Blake
Learn new skills, do some marketing, and no whining #
Web Development Trends for 2006 from Anil Dash
A taste of his own famous words #
Dick Cheney told to 'go fuck yourself', see it in WMV or Quicktime


George Bush doesn't care about black people #
In case you still haven't seen it, here's Kanye West in Quicktime
Microsoft haters will quickly find excuses #
Guess which is the only major search engine that follows web standards


And we let them run other countries #
Look how these right-wings treat their own people: Katrina Timeline


Don't hesitate to go to an ear nose throat doctor #
They have cameras to help remove fish bone stuck in the throat
Payton to Miami? #
NBA rumor from Miami Herald
Big media are already slanted anyway #
Everyone's a Reporter in today's grassroots journalism


Almost everyone on board plus many on the ground #
Medan Plane Crash Kills at Least 147
Sad day #
Over 100 dead in plane crash, biggest since 1997


We feel ya, Kanye! #
George Bush doesn't care about black people
I just came to see Cillian Murphy #
Didn't expect critics to like Red eye


Finest fake news gets a lil facelift #
The Onion redesigned by Behavior goes 1024
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's just a poster #
Superman Returns teaser poster
What goes on Fox News #
News Hounds
How well do you know Google? #
Try plentysmart's Google quiz. I got 14 out of 15. Failed at #4.
Looking for a job in the design industry? #
Two things: build your portfolio and be nice to people


Shop for shoes, play tennis, watch a play, go on vacation #
How the leadership of the USA looks under emergency
Riots, looting, murder, rape, anarchy! No, not Jakarta 1998 #
Anarchy, fights, rapes, looting, dead bodies, crack, gunshots
Why wait? If they really hate Yahoo why not quit Flickr now #
Old Flickr fans being demonstrative


Playing backup to Ginobili for the sake of a championship #
Finley joins defending champs Spurs
Another of IdN's cool design event in Singapore #
DesignEdge Conference & Expo at Suntec
One of the better Illustrator tutorial archives #
Tutorial Outpost a little better than others