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Born in Bandung, grew up in Jakarta, graduated and started career in architecture, working as freelance web designer in Jakarta for the last nine years, has a 10-month old daughter.

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Microblogging since before there were microblogs


BMW goes into crossover as well #
BMW X6 for 2008
Bang your laptop #
GM to make Hummer-inspired laptops
Unplugged is back #
MTV revive Unplugged for Alicia Keys with Common, Adam Levine


Mazda's crossover is a go, now a new concept city car #
Mazda will launch Crossport and just introduced Sassou Concept
Ballers' rides #
NBA players' cars
Copyright protection in architecture is new #
Hi, Gorgeous. Haven't I Seen You Somewhere?
Yes! Rupiah gets cheaper #
Rupiah extends fall below 11000/USD


James Blake can win afterall #
Blake bounces back and won a tournament
Bubu award winner's design copy of a Turkey site #
Viking discovered Donny's site look like this hotel site
Green Day wins, Fiddy and Crack feuds #
50 Cent vs Fat Joe feud continues at MTV VMAs
Included in more CSS galleries #
Tulakom 4.0 linked from Spain to Sweden


We are still in the first of three blogging generation #
The demise of geek bloggers, but not in Indonesia


This is why .ID domains are such a hassle #
They're probably good people but can't make up their minds
Poor architects #
Big jobs that pay badly
They're back in a form of a blog # is back as Paras Indonesia, designed by digitalgrafis


Pay your way to the most popular frontpage in Indonesia #
Detik Publishing lets you slip your commercial news on Detikcom


See where other visitors of this site came from #
My gVisit Map
Second Australian busted for drugs #
No, the teacher in Medan, not the model in Bali
Asia sucks so use your drugs at home, kids #
Downer said if you're going to Asia, don't bring drugs with you


Good day for greedy record industry #
Singapore arrested three men for sharing MP3s
Nice gesture from the CSS community #
Tulakom v.4 included in Unmatched Style and CSS Import


Reaching a bigger and rounder market #
Nike jumps on the bandwagon welcomes big butts in bold ads


Congrats! #
Congrats Donny and all Bubu Awards winners
Just updated my commercial site #
Tulakom version 4
Censorship and filters no need lah.. #
In Singapore we just sue em and make em pay, as surveyed


Follow the trend as observed by the author of LogoLounge #
Logo Trends 2005 by Bill Gardner, and 2004 and 2003
Makes sense to add color schemes #
Control-click to rotate colors for AdSense
D-Wade on the cover #
Slam Kicks 2005 at Freshness


Don't be stubborn, Futura is nice but not for long text #
What's the right typeface for text?
What is 'game over' in Korean? #
Korean man dies after 50 hours of computer games


Avoid those dotty patterns when scanning magazines #
Set Descreen or Unsharp Mask in your scanner to remove Moire patterns
Sans Serif that are still readable #
The Human Side of Sans Serif
Must have, especially when it arrives at Ratu Plaza #
Macromedia announces Dreamweaver 8
Lakers whatevs. I'm gonna see more J-Will this season #
Heat, Lakers highlight NBA's 2005-06 TV schedule
Numbers are up and it is more efficient and on target #
Web search ads to top banners according to Jupiter
Size don't matter, but we're the biggest! #
Yahoo claims to almost double Google in search engine capacity


Aboriginal Teen Roadkill #
Strange accidents happening in Australia
Telkom Flexi vs Indosat StarOne vs Mobile-8 Fren #
Consumer's guide to CDMA services by Budz Kay
Calibri, Cambria, Candara, Consolas, Constantia & Corbel #
6 Windows Vista fonts the next big thing for Microsoft font geeks


Real estate agents can't lie anymore #
OnOneMap uses Google Maps API helps house hunting in UK
They're probably paranoid but not totally unhealthy #
Apple says Bloggers are unhealthy
India's wonder girl #
Watch out for Sania Mirza


Get to know these Soi Dogs and help them #
Bangkok Street Dogs and Dog Chance


Fortunately no plans for Pumps with three stripes #
Adidas buys Reebok stack up against Nike but what's the impact?
How PageRank came to be #
Wired on The Birth of Google


Humanist 521 is Gill while Humanist 531 is Syntax #
You might already have the Lookalike of the font you want


Hangout at the bridge, Bandung-style #
The new Paspati bridge at Galeri Jay
Still top of the business line #
Tungsten C still on Palm's lineup


Too many nerds are already wearing Oakleys and now this #
Oakley and Motorola release Razrwire, bluetooth eyewear
Sony PowerBook #
Apple poaching VAIO engineers to build PowerBook