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Satya Witoelar

32 / Male / Jakarta

Born in Bandung, grew up in Jakarta, graduated and started career in architecture, working as freelance web designer in Jakarta for the last nine years, has a 10-month old daughter.

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Microblogging since before there were microblogs


Interpretation of the tripod, from 1898 to the present #
The War of the Worlds book cover collection


From down under to Milwaukee #
The Bogeyman has arrived


Clone of Murano #
Subaru B9 Tribeca at Mobilku


From wheels to balls #
Molten G-Series basketball by Giugiaro Design
As historic as the fall of the Berlin Wall? #
Check out Jacko's flash intro at MJJ Source
Known as a good employer and a well-managed company #
Boon Rawd Brewery producer of Singha Beer


Not just cool looks, exciting action and smart quips #
Batman Begins correctly depicts the character


Ginobili for MVP! #
Duncan and the home team stepped up in Game 7


Window shopping through your browser window #
Walk through city of Perth
Search tennis gear by player #
ATP players and WTA players at Tennis Warehouse


Gold for last year's Wimbledon champions #
Sharapova and Federer's $500 golden shoes
ESPN special on sneakers #
Ultimate Sneaker Bracket, great moments, favorite moments


Now with trays under the leaf and waiters with walkie talkies #
Muthu's Curry renovated and fancier than ever
Founded in Denmark 1963, produced everywhere #
Ecco shoes made in Slovakia, China, Thailand even Sidoarjo
Exclusive bling limited for Asia #
Nike Air Max 97 limited silver edition


They really follow your foot's movements #
Get Nike Free for training tool even if it's a gimmick


And we thought you can do anything on paradise island #
The only Schapelle Corby is Guilty blog


Highest hotel in the world #
Grand Hyatt Shanghai


Enough time for 2 good meals, 2 good FO's and lots of fun #
A day trip to Bandung is easy, thanks to Cipularang


Sometimes defining width can clear up background bugs #
CSS bug related to the IE Peekaboo bug
Don't write dirty stuff #
MSN China bans 'Freedom', 'Democracy' and other bad words


Hey, don't blame me if we have a lousy manager #
Protect yourself. Don't be the scapegoat of a difficult client.


OK, OK, I promise not to do it again #
Avoid getting banned or penalized from spamming Google
Most popular books in Singapore today #
Bestsellers in Times NewsLink and Kinokuniya


Had to prepare by avoiding beef for a week #
Can't say no to Outback Steakhouse


Welcome to the Ginobili show #
Lights, camera, Manu by Scoop Jackson


No more Apple ads about how slow Intel chips are #
IBM ditched Apple, Intel hates Microsoft, buys Apple
Consider nature and reduce waste, at least that's the spin #
Learn about Nike Considered at NikeLab
The Stealth version is da bomb! #
Update of Air Jordan XX Review at Kicksology


Clear your browser's cache #
If your Gmail gets stuck on 'Loading' again..


Last year's distressed, antiquated, weathering effect #
Wicked Worn Look Photoshop trick by Cameron Moll


Sports columnists, not the Finals, bore me #
You will see lots of articles about whether Finals is boring


Open till 5 AM? I'll just take lunch thanks #
Izzi Pizza


Don't whine if you haven't tried calling Call Center #
Not that complaints will stop, but PLN answers the press


Google display page titles in a maximum of 66 characters #
Write a good web page title tag for search engines