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Born in Bandung, grew up in Jakarta, graduated and started career in architecture, working as freelance web designer in Jakarta for the last nine years, has a 10-month old daughter.

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Just take the taxi #
My feet are killing me at the weekend market


Best looking Indian restaurant I've ever been to #
Food is good too at Rang Mahal
Makes you want to hit the gym #
Nike Air Zoom Trainer LA black/yellow - z-craft | ma-mart
I'll be back for more #
Found new source for A Bathing Ape t-shirts


No PIN, no ATM card, no buttons, just stick it in #
It's so easy to update your passbook
Keep the blood flowing in your legs, especially in long flights #
Scholl Flight Socks


Cozy antique place, hot and tasty authentic dishes #
Lemongrass on Sukhumvit 24 is just one of many good places
This is bigger than my house #
Nice spacious room with view of my favorite mall
The tall glass wasn't enough #
They serve ice tea in personal pitchers


No returns, but you can exchange for same or higher value #
Rockport's no refund policy results in a new pair of Werribee


Most were bland, but some were interesting #
American Idol first week of semifinals
Careful using your camera phone #
Paris Hilton got hacked


Visualization of Dislocations in a 3-D Nanoindentation Simulation #
Title of Aree's thesis for today's seminar at RuG
VC's off the board slam, Wade's double pump reverse #
My favorite dunks from Denver All-Star Game


JR and Amare was hot, but Josh brought it down #
Josh Smith homage to Nique in the Slam Dunk Contest


Nice simple girly phone #
Nokia 2650 at good low price
Denver: Battleground for sneaker companies #
USA TODAY All-Star Shoes article and photos


Art exhibition for the public #
Thailand New Media Arts Festival 25-28 Feb 2005 Bangkok
Artwork from the 'hood #
TembokBomber Indonesian street art community, by Aram & friends


Check out the line up.. the shoes, not the players #
Denver 2005 All-Star Game shoes at Nike Basketball
Not hip, but I like it better than that snazzy Gelato Bar #
Braga's Canary ice cream at Ranch Market Dharmawanga Square


Kanye, you don't have to whine this time #
Congrats Alicia, Green day, Usher for the Grammy Awards
When amusement turns to love #
Indonesian Bloggers dedicate Valentine's day to Mr. Roy Suryo


My Dreamweaver sites are gone #
Dreamweaver bug: Site definitions in Manage Sites may disappear


Considering the one with 6 handsets #
Panasonic ITCOMM DECT Cordless Telephone System
One more tracker to monitor my SEO tricks #
Nedstat in addition to Extreme, OneStat, Webalizer, Analog


Behind the AJXX #
Air Jordan XX inspired MJ's love for motorcycles
Vince's new flight shoe is here #
Nike Shox VC IV Black/Red now available at Rp. 995.000,-


People are keeping more information in their mailboxes #
With 250KB and 1GB webmail, E-mail is the new database


One-tenth the price, and plays pirated DVDs #
Goodbye Pioneer Home Theater. Hello Crystal DVD Player.
Yes for Ginobili and Wade, but no Francis? #
List of reserves for 2005 NBA All Star Game at Denver


Suddenly being a tv ad star becomes so much easier #
If you're 15-20yo, send your photos to Close Up Planet
Back to my old favorite brand of printer #
Picked up the new Canon PIXMA


Eudora's answer to phishing #
Eudora 6.2 new features include ScamWatch
By now everybody who wants it already has it #
Gmail offers 50 invitation


The real benefit of using Gmail as your POP mail #
Spam are filtered before downloading all the mail


Crutches are cheaper than I thought #
Pushbutton Aluminium Crutches by Dharma Polimetal


Be user-friendly to kids too #
Usability of Websites for Teenagers by Jakob Nielsen