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Satya Witoelar

32 / Male / Jakarta

Born in Bandung, grew up in Jakarta, graduated and started career in architecture, working as freelance web designer in Jakarta for the last nine years, has a 10-month old daughter.

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Microblogging since before there were microblogs


Why figure out yourself when the whole point is following the trend #
How to create Aqua effect / Mac-style buttons in Photoshop
The ideal "Day 1" itinerary, as far as I'm concerned #
Try the SkyTrain, visit The Grand Palace, then Siam Square


Back in Bangkok to meet my family #
Visiting Bangkok for a week, but this time in an apartment


These guys know the city well #
indobangkok mailing list for Indonesians in Bangkok


Anti-brand entrepreneur making his own brand by plagiaring #
Nike-hater Kalle Lasn will market Converse knockoffs
Muslim says he simply did what God wanted of him that day #
The little girl who survived Jakarta blast meets her saviour


My favorite is the electrical, gardening and pets section #
The new Ace Hardware at PIM is my closest branch
If only I can get them in, it will be easier to play sports #
After long consideration, I'll try switching from glasses to contact lenses
Successful Australia-Indonesia joint operation #
Brisbane man arrested in Bali in $1.6 million drug bust
Oh baby baby it's a wild world #
Why did US think Cat Stevens is dangerous? No explanations


Successful elections, but nobody knows where we are headed #
Yudhoyono's victory is clear but not his policies
Take a break from the hurricane and visit us #
Southeast Asia: More bang for your buck than Europe


Which country, if not Indonesia? #
Howard still very much willing to strike on neighboring countries
The real question is does it matter which one wins? #
But here's the election results to see who wins


Don't go overweight. The charge can be more expensive than the stuff. #
Qantas charges $21 per kilo for excess baggage on my flight


Since hackers always choose the popular software to hack on #
Spread Firefox, restart the browser war, and confuse the hackers
PMS (Presentation Management System): like CMS but for CSS? #
Integrating CSS with Content Management Systems
They'll have to bomb more middle east countries to run this #
International CXT make the Hummer look like a girlie car


Combining Google, Amazon, IMDB, in one smart interface # from Amazon


Were New Yorkers blamed for 9/11? I don't think so. #
In the Jakarta blast, we are the victims


She speaks Italian, has Italian citizenship, but she's an Australian? #
Dads in fight for Manny
The biggest collection of web banners #


How many died? Jakarta 9. Bali 202. Iraq 13000. #
Iraq Body Count
Babies among 57 killed in US attack #
Bush condemns bombing same day he bombed women and children
Why do critics hate Spielberg? Because he makes the audience smile #
The Terminal is enjoyable (unless you're in movie critic mode)
Kobizzle got me tradizzled #
Shaq rips Kobe on his new rap CD
Remembering Munir #
Munir: Vanguard of reform by Sidney Jones
So true. Both them and campaigners who'll take advantage. #
Terrorists win if they destroy friendship
Of course. This is a terrorist act, not a government attack. #
Dubes: Tidak Ada Sweeping terhadap Warga Indonesia di Australia


20% off all books! Quick, what should I get? #
Possibly successful consumer scare tactics by Angus & Robertson
Sadly, more campaign material #
Jakarta bombing raises fears Australian election is terror target


The best english-language non-retro sneaker magazine #
Sole Collector has great interviews and photos


R.I.P. Our top human rights activist #
Munir 1965-2004
What's worse than women drivers? Women tram drivers! #
Yarra Trams Melbourne


Like Nando's, only tastier #
Oporto chicken and burgers


40 web design guidelines to prevent -and recover from- errors #
Defensive Design by 37 signals
My Starbucks alternative #
Gloria Jean's Coffees


Muslim terrorist country votes Christian church singer to win #
Gospel Singer Wins 'Indonesian Idol' Title
CSS trick to clear floating elements in simple browsers #
How To Clear Floats Without Structural Markup by Holly and John
Not as bad as Unbreakable and Signs #
The Village by Shyamalan


Targeting iPod owners who haven't bought an iMac #
Why does the new iMac G5 look like the iPod?
Comparing different methods in coding pages and applying CSS #
Web Standards Solutions by Dan Cederholm