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11 February 2000 Riung Mungpulung

The Witoelars will host this year's family reunion of Uyut Manonjaya, who is the grandparent of Nini Toti. The gathering, called Riung Mungpulung Katurunan Uyut Manonjaya, will be held Sunday noon at Widya Chandra, Jakarta.

January 2000 Idul Fitri

Selamat hari raya Idul Fitri. Mohon maaf lahir dan batin. Here are some pictures taken at Cibulan on the second day of Lebaran.

24 August 1999 Pictures of Triplets

Some new pictures of Yari and Taufik's triplets can be seen in the Photo Album.

24 May 1999 Yari's Triplets!

Witoelars never had twins, but now we have triplets! Yarita Inggrid, wife of Taufik, gave birth to Alaia (girl), Dante (boy) and Jeihan (girl) at 7:10 AM in Jakarta. Congratulate Yari and Taufik via email.

24 May 1999 New Pictures and Email

Several random pictures from Surya's wedding taken by Wimar can be seen in the Photo Album. Also some email changes and Yartika's new email in the Contact Us section.

10 April 1999 Cidurian's Second

Just married are Surya Cipta and Nur Mega Mulya. Akad took place in the morning at At-Taqwa Mosque and the reception at Balai Sudirman at night.

25 February 1999 Email Changes

Some new email addresses, some corrected addresses, all can be seen in the Contact Us section.

20 February 1999 Rachmat's Eldest Marries

First son of Rachmat, Aria Sulhan marries Radiantini Wulandari with a big reception at Shangri-La Hotel. They plan to reside at Taman Rasuna Apartments.

7 August 1998 Yartika's Wedding Day!

Yartika, youngest daughter of Toerki and Inge, marries Alejandro Bernabe Navarro. The wedding was held on August 7th at Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta. They plan to move to Spain. More of Atik's pictures in the Photo Album.

6 May 1998 New Picture

Just added one picture to the Photo Album. The Madrasah family picture was taken by Drigo Tobing.

15 March 1998 New Pictures

Seven pictures of Aki, Nini, Ua Luki and Ua Iki are finally added to the Photo Album. All submitted by Ua Luki and Ua Iki
For the others, please feel free to add your own pictures. Just send the JPG file or the original picture to the Webmaster.

9 February 1998 New E-mail

Teh Shanti Radianti has a new e-mail at Shanti.RADIANTI@total.com. Also other corrections and additions in the Family Tree.

20 January 1998 Address Changes

Some of us have changed e-mail addresses. Aree's address is now aree@witoelar.com, May can be contacted at gamina@perspektif.net, and Yarita changed to yarita@cbn.net.id.

14 January 1998 Witoelar.com Opens!

What's new? Well, this WHOLE SITE is new! Witoelar.com was produced in less than a month with the help of everybody listed in Site Credits. So please look around and we hope you all enjoy it.
Later this page will be the place for you to look for new additions to the site and some fresh news and announcements about our activities.

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