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Raden Achmad
Witoelar Kartaadipoetra


Raden Achmad Witoelar Kartaadipoetra (1910-1987) whom we, the third generation Witoelar, call Aki (grandfather) was the first person to hold the name Witoelar, which is his middle name by which name we are now known. Aki was married to Nini (grandmother) Nyi Raden Toti Soetiamah Tanoekoesoemah (1914-1977).

Aki was a lifelong career public servant. Starting out in the Dutch East Indies local government, upon Independence he joined the Indonesian Foreign Ministry. He held various positions in Holland and Sweden and was the Charge d'Affaires to Denmark in 1955-1957.

Aki has lots of hobbies: a.o. photography, carpentry, repairing cars, electrical gadgets and football! He was Chairman of VIOS (then a first class Football Club in Jakarta). If he were with us today he would probably be an Internet surfer.

They were blessed with five children. The four boys and one girl are Luki Djanatum Muhamad Hamim (1932), Kiki Wastika (1935), Toerki Joenoes Moehamad Saleh (1938), Rachmat Nadi (1941) and Wimar Jartika (1945).

In the year 1979, Aki remarried to Pipih Sopiah, who has three children of her own and now lives in Bandung.

Even though the Witoelar family moved a lot and eventually settled down in Jakarta, Bandung would be the town they can call home because of the relatives they had, but mostly because three of the sons (Luki, Rachmat, Wimar) went to school there during university days. Back in the early years of 1950's the family moved to Europe to follow Aki's job in the foreign service during postings in Holland, Sweden and Denmark.

Lebaran or Idul Fitri would be the time of the year where we all get together joyfully, other than several occasions through out the year, like birthdays and weddings.

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Nyi Raden Toti Soetiamah


The Five Children

The Five Children

Nini Pipih & Yuyuy

Pipih Sopiah &
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