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If comfort goes with fashion, business people would be wearing pajamas. But fashion models would still be matchstick thin, aiming for the smallest loose-fit clothes.

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Master one complex game, like chess. Master two and your mind will be consumed.

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What's worse than fretting about work is fretting about vacation.

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Indonesians in the Netherlands become experts in Chinese restaurants.

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Professionals don't always care for the tools for their trades. Rock stars smash guitars, tennis players throw rackets. Computer scientists? I've seen many carry laptops vertically with the monitor open, with swinging one hand, while sipping hot coffee with the other.

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You can tell a restaurant's class by how your jacket is treated:

**** :   The restaurant takes care of the jacket.
 *** :   You hang it on the hooks provided.
  ** :   You place it behind you, on your seat.
   * :   You eat while wearing your jacket.

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When your bicycle in Groningen breaks down, you don't lose a vehicle. You lose a lifestyle.

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Dutch houses are like suitcases.

Everything must be packed in, as compact as possible, because of limited space.
  1. Living room is trousers - taking up the bulk
  2. Bedroom is shirts - vital, yet less bulky and more flexible
  3. Kitchen is shoes - takes space, but can be fitted in with others (e.g. bathrooms)
  4. Bathroom and toilet are socks - just stuff it somewhere. If necessary, separate the pair.
The design keeps changing from one house to another - after all, no one ever packs his suitcase the same way.


Never eat steaks in moderation. That misses the whole idea.

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Globalism killed the souvenir-giving star.



Moderation needs moderation too. Sometimes you just need to go crazy.



Ironing clothes is forcing a geometric order to a non-geometric object, the human body. It is, theoretically, a futile process.


Formalwear always has a built-in sweat inducer.