Hiyel Thoughts


Random NBA observations
- Phoenix has the best freewheeling offense, Utah has the best structured offense.
- Grant Hill still gets it done without athleticism. He must be the smartest player in the L.
- The most terrifying offensive force is not Dwyane or Kobe, it's Steve Nash dribbling nonchalantly into the paint.
- I didn't believe it until I saw it; Dwight Howard is a BEAST.
- Yao Ming, best center in the league, hands down.
- TJ Ford? Devin Harris? Leandro Barbosa? The fastest player in the L is still Allen Iverson.


Estimate your consumption rate per minute, times the duration of film, and you get the minimum amount of popcorn for a movie. Even though you might be left with excess popcorn, you should not risk any possible disruption to the flow of popcorn.

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