Hiyel Thoughts


Just saw a bald black man, riding a beaten up bicycle, who looks exactly like Ving Rhames. So that's how Ving Rhames on a bicycle looks like.

My good neighbor looks like Pauly Shore. Pauly Shore teaching kids the alphabet looks as disturbing as Ving Rhames on a bicycle.


Dutch houses are like suitcases.

Everything must be packed in, as compact as possible, because of limited space.
  1. Living room is trousers - taking up the bulk
  2. Bedroom is shirts - vital, yet less bulky and more flexible
  3. Kitchen is shoes - takes space, but can be fitted in with others (e.g. bathrooms)
  4. Bathroom and toilet are socks - just stuff it somewhere. If necessary, separate the pair.
The design keeps changing from one house to another - after all, no one ever packs his suitcase the same way.


Never eat steaks in moderation. That misses the whole idea.

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